5 ways to end workplace discrimination.

A discrimination-free workplace is an employer branding issue. To attract talent and retain them, it is important for companies to have a non-discriminatory culture.

Work Discrimination.

There are 5 way to end workplace discrimination

  1. Proper policy
    Organizations need to develop a workplace policy that prohibits discrimination. “Such policies should be concise and clear with a well-defined reporting mechanism that encourages employees to report discriminatory or harassing conduct through appropriate channels, outline the employer’s investigation procedures maintaining utmost confidentiality,” says James Agrawal, MD, BTI Consultants
  2. Swift action
    “Often most cases of discrimination go unreported since the complainant is afraid of retaliation. Organizations should ensure that employees are not retaliated against under any circumstances,” says Agrawal.
  3. Sensitize staff
    Employees should be made aware of the types of discrimination that need to be objected to at a workplace. It is essential to familiarize employees with a company’s existing anti-discriminatory policies and possible action that could be taken against discrimination, says Agrawal. Organizations must have a process by which an employee can fearlessly raise a concern and the issue is addressed by someone responsible, capable and independent, says Narayan Mishra, CEO, CIEL HR Services.
  4. Take ownership
    It is important for employees to feel a part of the anti-discriminatory policies, take ownership and act as the flag bearers. Forming anti-discriminatory committees with a fair representation from the employees is an apt way to involve them in the decision-making process, says Agrawal.5. Walk the talk
    The commitment of an organization to fairness, meritocracy and equal opportunity should be visible through the actions of the leaders. Situations such as recruiting people across gender, region, faith, social class, etc. show how the leaders walk the talk. “It is the leader’s behaviour which matters,” says Mishra.

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