Prepare for your dream job.

Best ways to prepare for your ‘dream job’ interview. 

There are 5 ways to prepare for your “dream job” interview.

If you’re interviewing for your ‘dream job’, it implies you have a clarity of thought regarding your career aspirations, and that’s half the battle won. Make use of the interview as a golden opportunity to communicate this passion as well as ask deep and insightful questions that can set you apart as an ideal candidate for the role. There are tips from experts on how to prepare to interview for your dream job.

Do Your Homework.
Before you meet your interviewer, know about the company, its culture, vision, and the position as much as possible. “Between Google and LinkedIn, you should have an armory of information about the company,” said Jnanesh Kumar, director of employee success, Salesforce India. It is also vital to read up on recent news regarding the company.

Understand the Company.
Looking up some recent interviews and videos of senior folks in the organisation will help you understand the priorities and direction of the business.
“You can also do some research on the competitors of the company and where they stand in comparison with the company you are interviewing at,” said Ketan Kapoor, CEO of Mettl.

Go Beyond the Resume.
During the interview, bring up what’s not in the resume. “Talk about what skills you are currently developing and want to further hone, and how your personality and approach to work will take the team to the next level,” said Kumar. You don’t have to be perfect for the role, but it’s important to highlight your own unique ideas and what you bring to the table, Kumar added.

Ask Insightful Questions.
Use the job interview not just to highlight your skills, but also to seek information which can help you make an informed career decision.

“You could also seek information on topics that you are genuinely interested in knowing more about — ranging from the team structure, to the roles and responsibilities matrix, to even the training and skill-building programmes run by the company,” said Anand Talwar, chief human resources officer at  ITC InfoTech
“A question that is not generic but is one or two levels deeper demonstrates that the candidate has taken pains to understand the current business,” said Kapoor.

Focus on Standing Out.
You can stand out from other candidates interviewing for the same role with your passion, frankness, and transparency, coupled with clarity on the subject matter.
“A winning ‘can do’ attitude demonstrated through high energy is an attribute which is highly appreciated in job seekers,” said Talwar.

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