Five ways to write a CV. 

Five ways to write a CV. 

A CV works like an anchor to land a job, and a wrong one can get you out of the race to the hot seat. This happens when one focuses intensely on the contents of the CV, making it overloaded , along with experts, list out 5 things one must strictly avoid while writing a CV.

Avoid Mentioning Age
Sharing date of birth in the CV has become obsolete. “There’s no need to put in the date of birth as it is personal/private. Organizations that are global and truly diverse believe in equal employment opportunities,” says Debashis Patnaik, senior director-HR at Dell EMC.

Keep it simple
Best to keep the CV straightforward instead of filling in details making it complicated. “The objective/mission statement of the resume should not be too over-arching and broad,” says Sandeep Kohli, talent leader at EY. “Commentary on your work experience is not required. One should rather have crisp bullet points on his/her skills along with the impact created,” says Pankaj Bansal, CEO at PeopleStrong.

Avoid cliches
Update the terms and phrases used to describe your skills and work experience. Do not use clichés like team leadership and communication skills. “Instead, these terms should be replaced by fresher terms like productivity enhancement and digital savviness,” says Bansal.

Keep it short
Recruiters do not have the patience to go through long CVs, says Kohli. Dell EMC’s Patnaik, for instance, advocates one-page resume. An average recruiter spends less than a minute on your CV. It is essential that you present the most relevant and important information upfront.

Avoid Mentioning
Salary Current or past salary should be mentioned only if one gets through the first round of hiring. “Do not go overboard mentioning salary in the resume,” said Patnaik. Salary comes later in the interview process and is more of a negotiation.
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