How to reduce workplace stress.

Do you want to know how to reduce workplace stress.

How to reduce workplace stress.

In today’s frenetic business environment, workplace stress is a common phenomenon among employees who find it difficult to manage the workload and seniors’ expectations. Long working hours, unrealistic deadlines, lack of systems and processes, and even lack of managerial support can all contribute to higher stress levels for employees, affecting productivity and morale in the long run. Brinda Sarkar speaks to experts on the possible ways to reduce workplace stress. As per economicstimes there are 5 ways to reduce workplace stress.

1.) Get Basics Right 
The first step to reduce workplace stress is to acknowledge its existence; that being said, one must then get the basics right. “Investing in relationships, having friends you can turn to can make a crucial difference. Employees must also make conscious choices in their lifestyle to optimise their health. Regular breaks at work can also be helpful in reducing workplace stress,” says Sudeep Ralhan, HR head, Walmart Labs.

2.) Manage Time 
An employee who is bogged down with work and feels stressed should sit back and introspect about the changes needed in the work style, says Subhashish Das, HR vice president, Berger Paints. “Proper time management is of the essence, and one needs to act upon it accordingly,” says Das.

3.) Set Boundaries 
Set boundaries on what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable, and communicate it to others. “Effective communication plays a major role in dealing with stress, in general,” says Das

4.) Seek Help
Once you acknowledge that you are stressed at the workplace, you need to take proper remedial action, and counseling can be of great help. “A skilled counselor can be an impartial sounding board. Most progressive companies either have an in-house counselor, or have tie-ups with specialized counseling organizations for this purpose,” says Deepak Shetty, head of human resources, Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore. “Organizations must build a culture that that drives performance through motivation rather than stress, so do call out for help whenever you need it,” says Ralhan.

5.) Work & Life 
Flexi-timings are allowed at many companies nowadays, and can help employees manage stress better. “If you don’t have the option of flexi-timings, do be sure to let your manager/co-workers know about your way of working, times when you need to be unavailable, when you are going on holiday, etc., in order to maintain a healthy worklife balance,” says Shetty. To get more updates/articles please subscribe to our blog.


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